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Mental Health and International Development

Psychiatry Hospital Campulung Moldovenesc


To manage mental health...

Here are some positive steps you can take:
  • Accept who you are
    No one is perfect and few people are always happy. Our beliefs, education, culture, religion, sexuality, and experiences make us who we are.
  • Talk about your problems
    Everyone can feel isolated and overwhelmed about their personal problems at times – talking about them and sharing your feelings can help. If you are not used to or do not like talking about yourself, you may find it easier to write instead.
  • Keep in touch with friends
    Do not think you have to be strong and struggle alone. Friends are important, especially during difficult times. Don’t push them away!
  • Ask for help
    Everyone needs help from time to time – this does not mean that you are incapable of resolving your problems. Do not be afraid to ask your friends, family, or a specialist for help.
  • Do something you enjoy
    If art, sports, or leisure are for you, spend some time doing so. Be creative, write, draw, paint, or sing. Be active and go for walks, dance, swim or play a sport. Relax and read a good book, see an old movie, or try to meditate. Take pleasure in all that you do.
  • Remember that you are not alone
    Many people have experienced similar situations at least once in life. Local groups exist where you can talk and share your feelings with someone you can trust.
  • Find time to think
    Reserve a time for yourself to reflect. Many people believe that meditation or prayer can help.
  • When should you seek help?
    • When you feel:
      • defeated,
      • useless,
      • tired and irritable,
      • hopeless,
      • overwhelmed, defeated by life.
    • When you feel it is difficult:
      • to sleep,
      • to eat regularly,
      • to concentrate,
      • to enjoy hobbies which you previously did.
    • Where can you look for help?
      • Your family doctor can offer advice, treatment, or can refer you to a specialist;
      • The local mental health services (governmental or nongovernmental).
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