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Mental Health and International Development

Psychiatry Hospital Campulung Moldovenesc


Events ...

February-may 2008

"Training volunteers in mental health advocacy" - Program sponsored by USAID through Peace Corps ... detalii...

4-28 February 2008

"The Mental Health Caravan" - An Anti-Stigma Campaign ... detalii...

10 October 2007

World Mental Health Day Celebration ... detalii...

8February 2007

Mental Health Local Policy Forum meeting, ... detalii...

December 2006

The exhibition“Horizons for the soul… Christmas presents” with products fulfilled in the ergo therapy workshops of the psychiatric hospital’s foundation, the launching of the first number from the “A fi – To be” magazine and the concert with Christmas carols for the Campulung Moldovenesc / Romania hospital’s patients.

November 2006

The participation at the seminar “Introduction into the communitarian psychiatry”, Campulung Moldovenesc, Romania. The seminar was one of the events that prepare the Romanian psychiatric system for the mental health’s reformation and the discussions were focused onto the communitarian psychiatry in Romania.

Octomber 2006

The marking of the World Day for the mental Health by the organization of a meeting between the mental health’s beneficiaries with the specialists. The event was a good opportunity for dialogue between the members of the Organization, the beneficiaries from the hospital and the specialists, in order to spotlight problems and solutions from various perspectives. Campulung Moldovenesc, Romania.

May 2006

Participation in the regional meeting for Romanian NGOs interested in cooperation for development „Development cooperation in Romania: role of and opportunities for Romanian NGOs, Iaşi, Romania.

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