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Mental Health and International Development

Psychiatry Hospital Campulung Moldovenesc



  • "OUR RIGHTS-Sexual and reproductive rights of women with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities " details...
  • Training volunteers in mental health advocacy
    - Program sponsored by USAID through Peace Corps - details...
  • A FI – TO BEa magazine realized completely by mental health service users, initially funded through external financing, and now privately and through sponsors.
  • New lifestyles through work Ceramics workshop in which mental health service users, under the direction of our specialized instructor in ceramics, work to obtain a small income through the selling of the pottery produced in the workshop.
  • Antidiscrimination campaigns, advocating for the support and the respect of the rights of persons with mental health problems.
  • Pathways to Policy– program which enables (ex) users and their NGOs to meet and work together with all stakeholders (including local government, business and the media). Together they work within the Local Policy Forum and the National Policy Forum to initiate suitable mental health policy at the local and national levels.
  • Work Integration – a guarantee of equal opportunities and improvement of the life quality for persons with disabilities in partnership with the Romanian League for Mental Health; this project focuses on the identification of accessible jobs/occupations and promotes the employment of persons with disabilities; the project will begin January 1, 2007.
  • International Journal of Grassroots Public Action - the journal highlights lessons and experiences from communities around the world that are using all forms of public action to lead change and promote involvement in policy-making and community development.
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